for styrofoam and glass pieces

To perform this work you need:
  • styrofoam pieces moistened with water
  • pieces of glass that need to be put on any item so that they are not damaged (best on a chair)
  • in case of prolonged performance, you may need additional glasses or buckets of water to wet the foam

There are several ways to perform the piece:

  1. all performers begin and end [at the same time]
  2. performers play according to additional schemes 1 or 2 (either observing this precisely, or - in the case of numerous performers - simply playing their own way)
    There are two options:
    1) the gradual addition of artists, contributing to an increase in sound volume
    2) crescendo from the beginning to the end is performed first by one performer, then two and so on. In this case,, between appearing sections, very long pauses should be made (from 5 to 40 seconds).

In case of the second idea, the imitation character of the play should be emphasized.

number of performers - minimum three, maximum unlimited
the duration of the piece is at least one minute, the maximum is unlimited

Первая строка партитуры


  1. Denis Khorov, Marina Poleukhina, Alexey Nadzharov, Kirill Shirokov, Alexey Sioumak. Live at The Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 10.02.2013

  2. Het Vers Ensemble. Wageningen, Netherlands, 31.01.2016

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