Aphorisms  for two violins, clarinet, cello, and piano 2003   Not included into the works list by the author

Three pieces  for piano 2004  
Epigraphs  for violin 2004  
L'Esquisse  for clarinet 2004  
Prelude  for violin 2002  
Dreams  six piano pieces 2004  
EDS  for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello 2005-2007 5'  
String trio 2006 6-7'  
String quartet №1 2006 9-10'  
Die Verwandlung  for piano 2007, 2-d ed. – 2009 6'-6'30"  
Fagocello  for bassoon and cello 2007    
Bassocellо  (Fagocello version for bass clarinet and cello) 2007    
Under Construction  for violin and piano 2007 8'30"  
Particules elementaires  for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello 2007 7'  
Adagio molto  concerto for cello and five winds 2007 9–10'  
Ctrl+C\Ctrl+V  for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, and cello 2007 14'  
(e)space  for bass clarinet, trumpet, piano, violin, and cello 2007,  2009 ed.    
The Butcher woke up late  three stories for an actor, bass clarinet, trombone, contrabass, alto flute, viola, and cello  2008    
Repeat  for oboe, bass clarinet, viola, cello, piano, and stepladder 2008    
Russian Poor (Industrial Zone)  for extreme voice, wooden boxes, trash cans, cast iron radiators, alarm sirens, bells, and iron sheets 2008 22-23'  
Graffiti  for symphony orchestra 2008/2009 ~8'  

Manifesto  for three polyfoams with bows

2009 5'  
Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis  for clarinet, trumpet, and viola 2009 7'30"-8'  
Inventions  five pieces for clarinet and horn 2009    
Exposition (I) (Man with a Movie Camera)  for violin, tuba, and percussion 2009 12-13'  
Synopsis (String quartet №2)  2009 30'  
Intermezzo-I  for flute solo 2009 2'  
Capriccio-I  for solo violin (or viola)
2009 16-17'  
Topinambour  for flute, piano, and violin (or viola) 2009, ed.2010 8'  
Intermezzo-II  for harp 2010 4'  
Dissolution  for horn, bassoon, trombone, percussion, and cello 2010 15-16'  
Manifesto-II  for chairs 2010 5-20-30' Duration depends on the performers number
Burn  for 11 performers  2010 7-15'  
Deconstruction  for orchestra  2010 10-11'  
(a) for clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet with hosepipe and trombone with a bow  2010 3-5'  
(b) for saxophone with a tube, piano, prepared violin, and cello 2010 3-5'  
Perpetuum mobile  for sixteen strings 2010 8-16'  
Concertino  for alto or violin solo, radio, and five performers 2010 9'  
Chopin: Prelude №1  for flute, oboe, piano, violin, and cello 2010    
Exposition-III  for flute, saxophone (or clarinet), and piano 2010 3-5'  
Rondo  for unlimited number of performers     Music for multimedia-project Electroautomatica-2
Vocalise  for soprano solo 2010   Not included into the works list by the author
Examples  for piano, two violins, viola, and cello 2010 19-20'  
Kitsch-Kharms  for voice, flute, cello, and piano 2010    
Prostokat dynamiczny  music for Polish animation film for saxophone alto, and accordion 2011    
Nasino Island  for fourteen performers 2011 12'  
Concertino-II / Exposition-V  for fifteen performers 2011    
Crescendo  for styrofoam and glass pieces 2011    
Exposition-IV  for two trumpets, three trombones, and piano 2011    
Exposition-VI  for four performers and piano surface 2011 10-13'  
Exposition-VII  for five performers (bass clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano, and violin) 2011    
"Save as" (String quartet №3) 2011 16-17'  
Study  for violin 2011    
Study-I  for electronic tuners 2011   Not included into the works list by the author
Study-II  for acoustic tuners 2011   Not included into the works list by the author
Exposition-VIII (La Primavera)  for five performers (acoustic tuners with bows) 2012    
Exposition-X  for contrabassoon 2012 < 70'  
Sweet Dream by P.I. Tchaikovsky  for five performers (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello) 2012   For the project of Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble "Album for Children – noChildren"
Counter-exposition-I  to be performed with bows on CD or DVD 2012 < 10'  
Exposition-XI  to be performed with hammers on steel cables of a cable-stayed bridge 2012   Duration depends on the performers number
Study-II / L'Inverno  for acoustic guitar with bow 2012    
Study-III  for violin and piano with resonance
Cantata  for seventeen performers 2012-2013